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About Markus & Associates, Inc.
WE ARE DIFFERENT than your typical real estate company. Our approach to both sales and management is centered on providing you the best advice possible and then working with you to achieve your goals:

  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: We love to manage investment properties for buyers for two reasons- first, we get to help you create a long (or short) term investment and make it into something in which you can be proud. Second, we get to be there for you as time goes on. Most brokers collect their commission and move on- we will be there to help with the property and all of its challenges along the way.

  • SELLING A PROPERTY: Most people want to achieve the best sale price and the most problem free sale when selling a property, be it a home or an investment. However, some people have other goals such as the speed of a sale, the chance to occupy a home until a specific date, or even to protect the rights of valued renters in the face of a property sale. Whatever your goals we can develop a plan to help achieve them.

  • BUYING A PROPERTY: Markus will seek to gain an in-depth understanding of what you want, then provide as many options as possible as they come up in the market. We consider the area, school districts, location, size, quality, additional costs such as HOA payments or assessments, taxes and insurance, hazard zones and Oregon law. With investment properties we also consider actual and proforma income and expense, ROI and CAP rates, cost to cure deficiencies and more. Then we seek options for you to choose from that are around your target price range, then help you pick the property that most appeals to you.

Markus & Associates was started in 2000 by Mark and Vivian Christianson, with the idea that they could develop a business that treated landlords and tenants fairly, that it could represent buyers and sellers in residential and commercial markets in a manner that was respectful and successful. With a strong emphasis in construction and building, they can often provide insight from a long term perspective that can be extremely valuable to clients. Markus has grown and changed over the years but their commitment to quality service and positive outcomes remains the same.

We encourage you to call us any time and ask any questions you may have. We love to talk about our work, and even if you are not currently a client or customer we would be happy to discuss Real Estate with you. We look forward to meeting you!